AltNotify has already gained recognition as a reliable Android App. It is used by a significant number of traders, and it provides information about new listings on Centralized Exchanges. With its real-time alerts and focus on potential investment opportunities, AltNotify has gained popularity among crypto enthusiasts. Now, the company is expanding its services to AltNotify Web, offering an even wider range of features.

AltNotify Web

Building on the success of its Android app, AltNotify launched AltNotify Web, making its data available to a bigger audience. The platform provides users with up-to-date information about new token listings, which is beneficial for various types of trading. With AltNotify Web, users will no longer have to rely solely on the mobile app to receive token listing notifications. Instead, they can access the platform through their web browser, widening its accessibility to desktop and laptop users.

What sets this development apart is the imminent integration of Web 3 login, making it available ONLY to DAPPCASH token holders.

This means that users would need to possess a certain number of DAPPCASH tokens in order to access the platform. The amount of DAPPCASH required to log in to the platform may vary and will be updated based on the price of the token. This integration of DAPPCASH Web 3 login is a great incentive for everyone to buy and hold DAPPCASH tokens, as they will now have exclusive access to AltNotify Web.

DAPPCASH token holders and potential investors stand to gain significantly from this integration. This utility will increase the demand for DAPPCASH in the market. Higher demand can potentially lead to increased token value, benefiting existing holders.

Knowing that DAPPCASH tokens are not only tradable but also provide access to a valuable service can incentivize potential investors to consider this token as a long-term investment.

In conclusion, AltNotify with Web 3 login is a significant step forward for both users and DAPPCASH token holders. It provides new access to a powerful tool and creates a unique ecosystem where token holders can enjoy exclusive benefits. As AltNotify and DAPPCASH continue to evolve, it’s an exciting time for those looking for a new tool or a great investment.

The iOS version of AltNotify is expected by the end of 2023.

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