NFTs have gained significant attention in recent years. Some, because of their unique look, some because of their properties, some because of benefits. AltNotify has released a limited NFT collection that offers a range of advantages to holders. From airdrops and exclusive membership to access to tools and charitable contributions, AltArmy NFTs represent a special treat, not only for collectors but also for crypto traders. Let’s see how.


What are the benefits of holding an AltArmy NFT?

  • Airdrops from AltVote and AltNotify Services: Holders will be receiving airdrops from various tokens listed on AltVote or the tokens that AltNotify receives as payment for services or promotion purposes. Airdrops are a popular way for projects to distribute tokens to their community members, and AltArmy NFT holders can enjoy these rewards. By holding an AltArmy NFT, you become eligible for airdrops, allowing you to potentially accumulate additional tokens and expand your crypto portfolio.
  • Exclusive Membership: Holders will gain exclusive membership to the AltArmy group. This insider access can provide valuable insights into upcoming projects, partnerships, and developments within the whole AltNotify ecosystem.
  • Access to tools: Those with NFT will have access to all bots developed by AltNotify. Apart from bots and other tools, they will also be receiving a voucher for AltNotify Android App.

What has been done in the first week?

During the first week of AltArmy NFTs’ existence, the holders have already reached some important achievements.

Charity Payment

AltArmy is committed to making a positive impact. In line with this mission, a percentage of the proceeds from AltArmy NFT sales is dedicated to charitable causes. In just the first week, AltArmy proudly made its first charity payment to Care108 Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping families and children in need. By purchasing an AltArmy NFT, you are directly contributing to these worthy causes.


First Airdrop

During the first week, AltArmy NFT holders were already airdropped in StrikeX tokens, resulting in nice profits for those who purchased the NFT. This demonstrates the potential for additional benefits and rewards for AltArmy NFT holders in the future. The AltArmy team is committed to discovering potential gems and maximizing profits for the whole army.


AltArmy NFTs offer a range of benefits that go beyond traditional crypto investments. From airdrops and exclusive membership to charitable contributions, AltArmy NFT holders are empowered to make a difference while taking potential profits.  Join the AltArmy, unlock exclusive benefits, and become part of a movement that combines financial growth with social impact.


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