Today, we are introducing the next steps of AltNotify Ltd. We will explore the reasons behind the decisions the team has made and how those decisions position DAPPCASH and the company as a whole, for success.

DAPPCASH Will Launch on the Shibarium Network

After careful consideration, AltNotify has decided to speed up the launch on a different network. This move opens up exciting opportunities for the company but also promises various benefits for current and future investors.
It is important to note that, at the moment, tokens will not be bridged. Yet, the supply has been carefully managed.


For start, DAPPCASH on BNB had an initial supply of 1.000.000 tokens and 40% was burned after launch. DAPPCASH on Shibarium has an initial supply of 100,000 tokens and 33% has already been burned. Furthermore, burn mechanisms are in place for both networks, and additional tokens are reserved for potential future burns. When the tokens do bridge- the overall supply will DECREASE.

What are the benefits?

  • More eyes on the project
    By choosing to launch on Shibarium, AltNotify aims to attract a wider audience and gain visibility. As one of the biggest projects on this new network, AltNotify will capture the attention of investors and developers. The unique opportunity to be part of a growing ecosystem will bring valuable exposure to the whole company.
  • Partnerships and connections
    Launching on Shibarium allows AltNotify to forge strategic partnerships and collaborations with other projects and developers within the ecosystem. These partnerships can lead to cross-promotion, shared resources, and ultimately, a stronger network effect.
  • Low fees on Shibarium
    One of the standout advantages of Shibarium is its low transaction fees. Lower fees encourage increased trading volume and more frequent interactions, creating a vibrant and active ecosystem on Shibarium.
  • Taking advantage of a brand-new network
    As one of the first projects with utility to launch on Shibarium, DAPPCASH gains a unique advantage. This pioneering position allows AltNotify to establish itself as one of the leaders in the space, attracting early adopters and giving the project a competitive edge over others. By embracing this opportunity, DAPPCASH sets the stage for long-term success on a promising new network.
  • Boosting the BSC token
    AltNotify’s presence on Shibarium brings direct benefits to the DAPPCASH BSC token. As DAPPCASH gains traction and popularity, its tools and the larger community will attract more users. This increased user base indirectly benefits both tokens, leading to better network activity, liquidity, and overall growth.

Staking Pools

In addition to the Shibarium launch, AltNotify is pleased to disclose that staking pools for both networks (BSC and Shibarium) will be live very soon. This will allow users to gain rewards simply by holding. Whether you are invested in DAPPCASH on BSC or Shibarium, the staking pools provide opportunities to engage, contribute, and benefit from the growing ecosystem.

To Sum it up,

The upcoming months will be exciting for AltNotify followers. The new launch, staking pools, and developments of the iOS version of the App, AltVote, and the new Web3 login will prove that investing in this project and being part of its community is the right call.