AltDapps has taken an important step to further advance and support its ecosystem- the team has established a treasury.

AltDApps have formed a new treasury for numerous reasons. The primary goal is to help the growth and expansion of the whole ecosystem. By using the analytical power of their proprietary algorithm- AltAlgo, the treasury will effectively trade tokens using the data from their app- AltNotify, honing in on the most promising investment opportunities.

At present, the new Dapps treasury holds 2.14k worth of assets. The plan is to diversify investments while ensuring the growth of the DAPPS token and the entire ecosystem. The treasury’s success will lie in its ability to identify the most lucrative investment opportunities through the power of AltAlgo.

The track record of AltAlgo has already benefited the treasury, as two recently purchased tokens, which were flagged by it, have shown immediate growth.

AltNotify and AltAlgo — Key components
AltNotify is an app developed five years ago. It became available on Google Play in 2021. It scans a big number of exchanges and notifies users whenever a token gets listed. Pre-listing alerts are also available in some cases.

AltAlgo is the secret weapon of AltDapps’ new treasury. Harnessing the power of data from the AltNotify app, AltAlgo predicts which tokens have the highest chance of being listed on centralized exchanges (CEX) next. By investing in tokens with strong growth potential before their listing, the treasury will be able to maximize its profits and reinvest more into the ecosystem.

By combining these two tools, the DAPP treasury puts itself at the cutting edge of the competitive landscape.

What are the benefits for holders?
Investing in the right tokens using predictions from AltAlgo will lead to numerous benefits for the entire AltDapps ecosystem.

With the treasury actively investing in tokens that have strong growth potential, the whole AltDapps ecosystem will experience an increase in value, which will lead to its further expansion.

When users can see the AltDapps treasury actively making profitable investments, it will create trust in the tools, and attract more users to participate.

As the treasury continually invests and generates profits, it will contribute to the overall financial stability of the ecosystem, ensuring that the ongoing development and growth of AltDapps are guaranteed.

The reinvestment of profits into the DAPPS token will lead to an increase in the token’s value over time, benefitting token holders and the ecosystem as a whole.

AltDapps is breaking new ground with innovative developments. The approach we’ve discussed today has never been executed before. The team is poised to make the most of the lucrative opportunities in this space, and they deliver.

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