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AltNotify Subscription

Receive push notifications when ANY token gets listed on ANY Centralized Exchange. We scan a large number of exchanges every second and with AltNotify, you are the first to get alerted!

Subscribe for a Month ($2.99)

Subscribe for a Year ($30)

AltNotify Web Subscription

AltNotify Web version will present you the data you never had before. You will have insight into new listings as well as a large number of previous listings on over 60 exchanges. 

Coming Soon

AltNotify Custom Notification

Reach your target audience and gain visibility by presenting your project to thousands of people! By purchasing this service, you will be able to reach a large number of devices through a custom notification. Notification will offer information about your project, as well as DEX or CEX, where it’s listed.

Create yours ($50)

Bot Advert

AltNotify has custom bots. We can showcase your project on an inline button below every bot message, or through a banner above every bot message. Each will be seen by hundreds of telegram users, daily.

Book a 24h Slot ($40)

Book a 72h Slot ($100)

AltNotify Web Banner

AltNotify Web version has gained a lot of attention and it has a big number of daily users. The web page contains only one banner and by obtaining it, you will attract the interest of every single visitor. Duration – 24 hours.

Create Now ($30)

AltNotify Featured Slot

AltNotify has gathered over 35.000 downloads on GooglePlay and it has nearly 4.000 active users. By purchasing this service, you are reserving a place in the Featured tab, which is visible 24/7. Apart from seeing Your Logo, by clicking on it, AltNotify users will be taken to your website. The slot duration is 7 days.

Be Featured ($50)