Get notified when ANY token
gets listed to ANY exchange

Get the latest crypto listings direct to your browser.


Technical Insights

Real-Time Notifications

AltNotify will alert you as soon as the token gets listed on any exchange.

Scanning 55+ exchanges every second

We scan all noticeable exchanges, allowing users to never miss an opportunity.

Ad-Free Experience

Our priority is focused user experience dedicated to listing information.

Data Security

We take data security seriously and ensure the privacy and integrity of all data processed.

AltNotify for your benefit

Strategic Investment Insights

Timely notifications help to quickly identify potential investment opportunities.

Portfolio Diversification

With various exchanges and tokens, users can diversify holdings and reduce risk.

Market Trend Monitoring

Monitoring token listings across multiple exchanges allows users to stay up to date with latest market trends.

Trading Strategy Optimization

Active traders can capitalize on early insights into token listings.

Discovering AltNotify

User-Centric Design

We boast a user-friendly interface ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience.

Extensive User Base

AltNotify has around 4.000 active users and more than 30.000 downloads.

Continuous Improvement

The App undergoes regular updates and improvements to boost its functionality.

Support and Feedback

AltNotify values user input and offers responsive support, making it easy for users who might face issues.

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