AltNotify will instantly alert
you when ANY crypto is listed
on ANY exchange.

AltNotify is a cutting-edge app available for download on the Google Play Store. It is designed to fit the needs of all crypto enthusiasts. It helps investors and traders to stay informed and make decisions. Its main objective is to notify the user’s device the moment a new coin gets on a Centralized Exchange. By receiving instant notifications directly on their device, users can track and monitor the crypto market.


What is AltNotify

AltNotify delivers information to its users the moment it become available. By quickly disseminating data, AltNotify eliminates the risk of missing out on profitable trading opportunities. Users will receive notifications in real-time, ensuring they are always one step ahead.

One of the features of AltNotify is its advanced filtering system. It allows users to customize their notification settings based on specific projects or centralized exchanges. By tailoring notifications, users can optimize their trading strategies, focusing only on the data they need.

Tired of waiting for announcements?

With the number of crypto exchanges available, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the latest listings and trading possibilities. AltNotify monitors over 50 exchanges every millisecond, providing its users with instant alerts for both current and upcoming listings. This efficient system ensures users always receive data needed to make an informed trading decision. With its fast data delivery, customizable filters, friendly interface and security, it is a necessary tool!

Don’t waste valuable time waiting and manually scanning platforms for potential profit-making coins. Let AltNotify be your companion in the world of trading. Try and trust our monitoring capabilities and stay in the lead!


Check out some of our
amazingly crafted features.

Amazing features for any crypto wizard.


Instant Alerts

Get an alert instantly when ANY cryptocurrency asset gets listed on ANY exchange.

Pre-listing Alerts

Receive a push notification BEFORE crypto asset gets listed on an exchange.

Featured Tokens

The featured tokens tab will point out projects our users should pay attention to.

Custom Notifications

Customize your notification settings based on a specific exchange or a crypto asset.

We Scan All Exchanges

Our system monitors more than fifty crypto exchanges every millisecond.

Ad Free

Our app is and will stay completely free from advertisements!


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Active Devices


As a company, we have more than a decade of experience in design, development, and other components of any business. We provide fast and reliable solutions and turn ideas into reality.

Bot Usage

We offer some of our ready-to-use bots, or we can design and build any bot by your specification.

Ready-to-use bots

Custom bot design

Channel integration

Support and updates


Our team of coders can make a fully-functional product. We produce web apps designed to be used on any device.

Android/iOS development

Web development

Support and maintenance

UI/ UX design


We own tools that are used by thousands of people. Therefore, we can offer your project visibility it deserves.

Featured spot in AltNotify

Custom in-app notifications

Banner Ads

Bot promotion


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